Slate Warm Shoes



Our Warm Minimoc Shoes are designed to keep your little one’s toes warm and comfortable.
They have an elastic at the opening and feature the same micro suede soles as our other footwear. 
These lambskin shoes are lined throughout with a layer of wool and are best used as an indoor shoe. The lambskin makes for a breathable shoe when it comes in direct contact with your child’s baby-soft skin. 


Please read important size information below.



The Warm shoes fit more like the fringeless shoe which fit larger than the moccasin design. 

There is a thin layer of wool inside the shoe so size as if wearing socks inside. If your child's foot is the same length or close to the length of the shoe, ensure you size up. 

Please factor this in when deciding on a size, refer to the chart below for guidance.

Please measure your Child's foot against our size chart below. Our Shoes fit differently than our moccasins.
If in doubt always go up one size. The elastic will keep the moccasin on your childs foot, and they will have room for growth in the toe.

Shoe size chart

Size CM Inches Age
1 10.3 CM 4" 0-5 Months
2 11.6 CM 4.58" 3-9 Months
3 12.5 CM 4.92" 8-12 Months
4 13.3 CM 5.25" 12-18 Months
5 14.2 CM 5.58" 18 Months +
6 15 CM 5.92" 2 Years +

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