About our Voyageur Shoe Launch


We have a couple things to tell you.

First, We are extremely sorry. We know this has caused frustration for a lot of you.

Second, Our site couldn't handle the excitement over the Voyageur launch this morning and totally buckled on handling inventory after the first few orders.

Third, This one is good news... We didn't actually sell out, because our system just stopped letting people have shoes. So we have some of our inventory left dedicated to the first launch.

How are we fixing the issue?

Through our website, we were able to identify everyone who had gone through to check out but upon clicking finalize order did not receive inventory. We've reached out to these people and are completing their orders. These are very clearly defined and registered in our system and why we feel confident enough to honour these purchases.

If you have not received an email from us already, you will not receive one, and your best bet to get a pair is to keep reading below. ( we know this is harsh sounding but we are working to be fair for everyone who would like a pair)

We are confident that we have identified and fixed the issue on our website.

We will pick up where we left off and re-launch the remaining stock on our website tomorrow Friday April 20th at 10AM Pacific Time.

We Love you guys and thank you for all of your support!

Jeff, Amanda and the Minimoc Team.